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07/27/08- Storm

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A Classic Chesapeake Bay Summer Thunder Storm. Three keepers, and Severn (the dog) were onboard , in preparation for filming a short video for the Jeld-Wen Reliable Lighthouse Restoration Initiative when the rumble of distant thunder was heard, and clouds appeared on the horizon. A quick check of the weather report on the VHF radio, brought news of line of strong thunderstorms moving our way.

The video starts as the storms first hit the bay to the north of us. In the first clip, you can still see the waves moving from south to north, as there had been a nice southerly breeze all day, however the breeze is now blowing at 20kts form the north, the shift was quite abrupt. In the second clip, taken just 10 minutes later, the waves have reversed direction, and built in size.

The camera was running, when we took a direct lightning strike. I didn't know it was on, so the video is not much to look at, but the audio in the first few seconds tells it all. Jane was in the lantern room, Aimee, Mark, and Severn, were just below in the Watch Room. Immediately following the strike, there was the smell of  something burning, and we scrambled to check each floor for damage. M.J.

The unedited video files are large, so please be patient while downloading, and please pardon the hamming it up for the camera.

PSA Overnight Race Baltimore Light was the one end of the Start/Finish line for the annual PSA Overnight Race. After the start, the race committee was invited aboard for a tour. Later that evening storm developed, and moved east over the bay. The storm was in full force as the first boats approached the finish. The video was shot out of one of the caisson portlights. The competitors were light only by the flashes of lightning, and the race committee's spotlight.

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